Erick and Alexxa **New Story** Romance <3

“Erick, do you think we can actually be together forever?” I asked slowly, leaning back on my hands that were thrown out behind me for balance. I admired the clear, deep blue of the lake in front of me that stretched for miles, shore to shore. The cool stone outcropping under me had been worn smooth by the hundreds of people who had come to this lake for a quick dip in its watery depths.

I looked up at Erick under my eyelashes to gauge his reaction. Standing in front of me, arms spread open to catch the breeze, and the sun at his back, he looked like he could almost take off into the air like the birds that circled overhead. It was a longing you could see in his eyes. Those deep blue eyes that almost exactly matched the blue of the lake.

Eyes that were set off by jet black hair that felt just as silky as it looked, as I knew well. In only swim trunks, no teenage girl could doubt that he was handsome. That much was obvious. His strong jaw and straight nose showed the aristocratic origins of his family. The freckles splayed across his shoulders were the only thing that made him look human; imperfect.

The perfection may have seemed eerie or ridiculous on anyone else, but on Erick, it just made him that much more handsome. There was more to Erick than just good looks, though. For only 17, he had the serious set to his eyes of someone much older. It was kind of look you saw on people that were accustomed to saving other people’s lives. That’s one of the reasons I fell in love with him. Not that him being totally gorgeous wasn’t a great perk.

The edges of his mouth slid upwards into the lopsided grin that almost made him look his age. A grin, he said, that was reserved for just me. “What do you mean, Alie?” he asked, his hands lowering to rest on my head, twirling his fingers in my hair lazily. I shrugged my shoulders, then reached up and twined my fingers with his. He sat down on the left of me with a grace no one six foot four should possess.

His arms wrapped around my waist and nuzzled his head into my neck, inhaling the aroma of my lavender-scented hair and skin. He sighed contentedly and laid his head on my shoulder. I turned my head slightly to stare into those blue eyes, putting all the tender feelings I had for him into the gaze. Erick leaned his head forward and ran his lips over mine softly, gently.

I shut my eyes and smiled, feeling a warmth spreading through my body that had almost nothing to do with the sunshine. “Open your eyes and look at the sunset, Alie. It’s magnificent today,” he said, shifting his body so he could wrap his arms around me. I slowly opened my eyes and couldn’t manage to tear my gaze from his perfect face.

Erick rolled his eyes and nudged my face in the direction of the sunset. “The sun, Alie,” he said with a laugh. I kissed his nose and said, “You are my sun. Mi sol.” The nickname made him smile and suddenly, he was my sun. The only thing that mattered in the whole world. For a moment, I was convinced that the Earth revolved around him and all the scientists had gotten it wrong.

He placed one hand on either side of my cheek and looked into my eyes compellingly. “You, Alexxandrea, are truly and wonderfully perfect” he said, rubbing his forehead against mine. I let out the breath that I hadn’t realized I was holding and stared into those eyes, drowning.

“I love you, Erick,” I whispered. “I love you too, Alie,” he whispered back. “Oh, and Alexxa, we will be together forever. To death and beyond. That’s a promise,” he said, eyes blazing with intensity and love. In that moment, all was right with the world. And with my sun.

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